Building Web Server with Go - Part 8
· ☕ 5 min read
This is part 8 of 09 part series on building web server with go. Checkout https://www.gophersumit.com/series/web-server/ for more. working with JSON data Sending and accepting JSON data is very common while building REST Services. Let’s see how we can build web server in Go to work with JSON data. encoding/json To work wit JSON data we will be using encoding/json standard library package. We have two main constructs while working with JSON data.

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json package json package is part of Go standard library. It providers useful types and functions that can be used to work with json data and Go data types. installation json package is part of standard Go library at encoding/json usage There are two main operation defined while working with json, Marshaling : Marshaling is conversion of Go data types to json. Unmarshaling : Converting json to Go data type.